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When your site is hosted with Dycero we give you your own IP address. This number can be used to access your site in addition to your domain name.

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Come take advantage of our hosting rates starting at $6.95/month which include generous storage and bandwidth transfers! Keep your site protected in the same server environment as Fortune 500 companies, with network redundancy, a guaranteed 99% uptime, a network that is designed specifically to NOT have bottlenecks and security that would make anyone sleep well at night.

If it wasn't price or the actual network that brought you to us, then it must have been our people. Our employees average over TEN YEARS of Internet industry experience each, and are easy to reach at our toll free number, 866-4-dycero (866-439-2376).

Sign up right here for hosting or call us to get information about our other services: Website Design, Development and our Consulting services.

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